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Food Traceability

Food Marketing Research & Information Center has worked out a variety of projects related with traceability; preparing for guidelines and handbook for food business operators to introduce traceability systems, surveying present situation of traceability on Japanese food chain.

Food Traceability(Japanese)

Many of these projects are carried out with assistance from Food Safety and Consumer Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

Here, we are providing English version of documents that were prepared in the process of this projects.

Handbook for Introduction of Food Traceability Systems

Handbook for introduction of Food Traceability Systems (Guidelines for Food Traceability)(pdf, 1.15MB)

This English edition was translated from the Japanese document (revised in March 2007) "Handbook for introduction of Food Traceability Systems (Guidelines for Food Traceability)". The transration was supervised by the Committee for Developing of Educational Materials of Food Traceability (Chairperson: Yoko Niiyama, professor of Kyoto University).

"Food Traceability A to Z"

Food Traceability from A to Z(ppt, 10MB)

This educational material explains "Handbook for Introduction of Food Traceability Systems" plainly using figures.

The original version 乮in Japanese) was published for managers and personal in food business to understand definitions and fundamentals of food traceability accurately in a short time.

We translated this educational material into English to confirm and share the vocabulary and fundamentals of the traceability.

That is "Food Traceability from A to Z. "

Reference: original versions (in Japanese)

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